Our rotating cast...

Woody Garcia - Vocals / Guitar

Tregeu Coronado - Bass

Chris Colonnier - Keyboards / Vocals

Evan Kilbourne - Drums / Vocals

Adam Kreiner - Drums

Anthony Barro - Bass / Vocals

With 7 years, hundreds of songs, and 1000+ shows under their belt, Woody and the Harrelsons strive to take their audiences on a musical journey back in time. What started as an attempt to focus on 90s alternative rock, their repertoire slowly morphed into the melting pot of 70s, 80s, 90s, rock, pop, hip-hop, and funk that you hear from them today.  Featuring a rotating cast of lifelong friends, WATH fuses improvisation into classic songs that have inspired them to share their musical love and energy with the world.


Photographer: Sean McCracken / Stage Media

Venue: House Of Blues Anaheim